Welcome at the website of the Leidse Studenten Spellen Vereniging Het Duivelsei! Do you love to, with possibly a drink, play a game of Monopoly or Colonists of Catan? Are you searching for a nice group to play Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow with? Are you a die-hard collecter that has multiple Magicdecks or stacks of Dungeons & Dragons books at home? Or are you a fanatic gamer that likes online and console games like Smash and League of Legends? Come by Het Duivelsei. Whatever games you like, Het Duivelsei is the perfect place for all Leidse gamefanatics to come together.

For more information about what L.S.S.V. Het Duivelsei is and what we do, look over at About Het Duivelsei or Activities. Are you interested in joining or are you looking for information about the Alumni-group? Look at the page Membership for more information.