The regular activities of Het Duivelsei are the gamenights and the gamedays. On these days the members can play one of the over 500 board games, card games and console games Het Duivelsei owns. We also organize other activities throughout the year. For example, twice a year we organize a Gameweekend. During this weekend, we rent a scouting house somewhere in the Netherlands and play all kinds of games for three days straight without interruption. Other activities vary from Magic tournaments to film screenings, and from Dance Dance Revolution nights to Baking Contests. We also organize picnics, barbecue parties and diners.
You can find more information about the events down below. Do you have an awesome suggestion for an event? Then send us an e-mail at bestuur@duivelsei.

Gamenights and Gamedays

Het Duivelsei has a weekly gamenight alternating between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The gamenights begin at 19:30 in the Filmzaal of the Pelibar and lasts until 01:00.
Once every month, we organise a gameday. One Saturday per month, Het Duivelsei is open from 13:00 till 02:00. On gamedays there are usually bigger events such as RPG-sessions or Magic drafts. For the exact dates of the gamenights and gamedays, see our calendar.


Every six months the Weekendcie organises the gameweekend – a whole weekend with a group Duivelseitjes in a scouting house ‘in the middle of nowhere’ doing nothing but playing games all day long! The weekend is packed with fun activities such as game tournaments, a pub quiz and even some activities outside (if the weather treats us nicely). You can register for the weekend by sending an e-mail to weekendcie@duivelsei or to fill a form when you register for Het Duivelsei.
The gameweekends are usually planned in April and September. The weekend in September is the introduction weekend and is focused on getting acquainted with newer members.

General Meeting (GM)

Although it’s not a regular event, it’s an important one. The board presents a report about the past six months during the GM (ALV, Algemene Ledenvergadering, in Dutch). Going to the GM is not mandatory, but it’s a good look behind the scenes, as well as a good way to discuss ideas about the association. The GM take place in the Filmzaal of the Pelibar starting at 19:30. They usually don’t finish until late at night, so while you’re allowed to leave whenever you want, take this into account if you’re travelling with public transportation.


On the gamenight around December 5th we organize a Sinterklaasviering. Everyone who participates buys three gifts of €2,50 each to be used in a game. At the end of the evening you will leave with presents other people bought. The Accie will also provide plenty of candy and other treats.

Magic: The Gathering and other CCG

Collectible Card Games are very popular, especially Magic: The Gathering. At least once a month there is a draft or a tournament with the newest cards. You can bring your Magic-deck to the gameday or a gamenight. There might also be some people who are interested in Yu-Gi-Oh there!

Baking Contest

Is your apple pie better than your grandma’s? Has no-one every refused one of your cupcakes? Then now is your time to shine! Every year the Nomcie organises multiple baking contests for the whole association. But if it’s better for the general health of the association that you don’t bake anything, then you can always help judging the baked goods of others!


Three times per year, the Asiacie organises a karaoke night in the Pelibar. You can sing along with all kinds of classics, in all kinds of languages! We have plenty of English, Japanese and even some Dutch songs (shocking, I know)! Are you alone? Don’t worry! There’s always someone to help out if you want to sing ‘I’ll Make a Man out of You’! Karaoke is really popular, so come on time if you want to be assured that you can sing your song.

Humans versus Zombies

Humans versus Zombies is a game of tag that lasts a full week. The Humans fight for their lives against the Zombies, who try to infect as many people as possible. However, the humans aren’t defenseless. They have a wide variety of weapons at their disposal, such as Nerf-Guns, inflatable swords and sock flails (and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope). The game is played 24 hours a day throughout Leiden. There are some safe zones, such as Faculty buildings and your own bedroom. Every evening there will be a mission where both teams can earn bonuses. Sounds fun? Keep an eye on the calendar for the next HvZ!

Film screenings

Every once in a while there is a film screening at Het Duivelsei. Both the Accie and Asiacie organise film screenings! The genre ranges from Westerns to Asian films, and from Disney to Lord of the Rings!

Game Auction

No matter how many cabinets you have, there will always be a day where you discover all of your games don’t fit into the cabinet anymore. That’s why we organize Game Auctions. In 2012 we had our first game auction where we sell old games that aren’t very popular. There’s a Game Auction once every few years, depending on how much the members want it and how necessary the board deems it. If you’re interested in a Game Auction, send an e-mail to


Every Gameday you can play RPG’s at Het Duivelsei. Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire and Paranoia are just a few of the games for which there are Dungeon Masters at Het Duivelsei. The first RPG-session is just after the EL CID and it’s especially for freshmen, but it’s also open to other members, of course.