Duivelsei has become the main Esports students association of Leiden since 2021. Among other things, we are currently working on putting teams together to compete in nation-wide student competitions within major games such as League of Legends where we have been competing in the Dutch Student League since 2021. Duivelsei also hosts enthusiastic players of console games such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Furthermore, Duivelsei participates in monthly events during the Inter College Clash, where attention is brought to games with a smaller Esports scene. Think of games such as Fall Guys or certain Minecraft minigames. 
Those not as familiar with Esports are still welcome with us! Despite Esports not being the main focus of the association there are plenty of members within the Esports commision as well as members of the association that are ready to introduce you to the world of Esports!
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