Last edited on 01-12-2017

On this page one can find het Duivelsei’s sponsors with as short description.

SponsorKliks, gratis sponsoren!




We earn money from Sponsorkliks whenever someone orders something by using the link above at well known businesses (such as Bol.com, Domino’s and Thuisbezorgd). The person who orders something only has to click a few times more, nothing else, which is the nice thing about it.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pelibar

The Pelibar is the place we are located at and from whom we rent a hall for our activities. Members can get their drinks here, to have a beverage during their games and so that we can rent rather cheaply.

De spellenwinkel van Leiden - spelen en kopen

De Tafelridder is a board game shop in Leiden. We regulary buy our board games at De Tafelridder and occasionly organise an activity at this shop, for example during the EL CID. De Tafelridder is also a sponsor of the Spelduivel. Furthermore, members get a 10% discount at this shop if they show their member pass.

Holle Bolle Gijs is a cafe / restaurant in Leiden. The last few years, we visited them twice each year to have a dinner. We eat here with the freshman dinner and the christmas dinner. Beside that, Holle Bolle Gijs is a sponsor of the Spelduivel.

Black Stories is, very surprisingly, the publisher of the card game Black Stories and similair games. The last few years, they have given us a lot of Black Stories cards so we could attach them to our flyers during the EL CID. This way the freshmen are able to enjoy a game during the week.