The Board of 2023/2024 ‘Root’

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The 30th board of L.S.S.V. Het Duivelsei:


Praeses – Dominique van der Zwaan

Hi! My name is Dominique and this year I will be the Praeses of Duivelsei. This means that I chair the board meetings and general member meetings and that I maintain an overview of everything that needs to be done and is happening. I am happy to offer a listening ear to anyone who needs it and I am open to great ideas for Duivelsei. At the association, I usually play shorter games such as Set, Dixit, Coup, Love letter, etc. I can also regularly be found in the console corner or somewhere chatting with people. Let’s make it a fantastic Lustrum Year together!

Abactis - Xander Lenstra

Hey! I’m Xander, a 5th year member (or 12th year, depending on how you cant) and am the Ab Actis of the association. My tasks including tending to the adminstration and making sure everything works on the ICT side of the association. I’m a big fan of social deduction games, such as Werewolves or Blood on the Clocktower, as well as longer games such as Diplomacy. You can also always invite me for console games such as Mario Kart or Smash.

Quaestor - Valerie Bakker

Hello, my name is Valerie and I am this year’s quaestor. I am a first-year master’s astronomy student and almost a second-year member of Duivelsei. One of my favourite games is Roborally, but Mahé is one of those games that I can’t say no to. When I’m not studying or busy being the quaestor, I unleash my competitive side at the swimming pool.

Assessor Intern - Joyce Belleflamme

Hi, I’m Joyce, 4th year English student and 3rd year member. I am this year’s assessor intern of the association. I can be found in the console corner of the association more often than not, but I also really enjoy group board games! I am also always open for a nice chat. Outside of the association and my studies, I enjoy cooking, writing, dancing, and playing cozy story-oriented games on the switch.

Assessor Extern - Niels van Leur