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So you want to become a member? That’s awesome! Students of Leiden University or the Higher Professional Education in Leiden are always welcome to join Het Duivelsei! You can join throughout the year, but we recommend you to join during the orientation week, because you can go to the introduction weekend!

Het Duivelsei is open one or two evenings every week, usually on either Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, and one Saturday per month, which makes us the perfect association to combine with your other activities in the week. The dues is €60 for a whole year, but for a number of activities, such as laser gaming or the introduction weekend, we’ll charge extra. Do you become a member after January 31st, then you will only have to pay €30. Besides paying your dues there’re no further requirements/liabilities to become a member!

Are you interested in becoming a member? Fill in the two forms below and e-mail them to abactis@duivelsei or come by at one of our game nights. For questions you can also always send an e-mail. The authorization form isn’t required. If you do not submit it, you will instead receive an email from our queastor.

Sign Up Form
Authorization Form

Visiting as a non-member

Aren’t you certain yet whether you want to become a member and want to see how are game nights are in practice? Or do you want to bring over a friend to show how great this association is? You can! Do please send us an email at bestuur@duivelsei, including the full name of who is visiting, as well as what evening they want to visit. In our agenda you can see what activities take place at what evening. Non-members may visit twice before having to become a member.


Your membership is valid from the moment you’ve signed your membership form. From that moment you are, as a member, always welcome at our activities and you’ll get our association magazine (in Dutch). In our cabinets you’ll find hundreds of games to play and you can always borrow any of these games with the permission of the board.

The membership fee is €60 for the whole academic year, from September 1st till August 31st. If you’ve given permission then we’ll collect this sum through an automatic collection, otherwise you’ll have to transfer the sum yourself. If you don’t pay on time, we’ll have to give you a €5 fine.

Changes in Personalia and Terminating Membership

We appreciate it if you notify us when your address, phone number or e-mail address changes by sending an e-mail to abactis@duivelsei.
Your membership of Het Duivelsei will continue until you terminate it by sending an e-mail to abactis@duivelsei, titled ‘Terminating membership’ or by contacting us by sending us a letter to our posting address (see the page ‘Contact). Doing this by replying to a different e-mail send by us doesn’t count as a termination. If you don’t do this before August 1st , then we’ll presume that you want to stay a member for another academic year.

Are you no longer interested in staying a member, but do you still want to stay connected to the association? Then become a Duivelsei alumnus!

Becoming an Alumnus

Haven’t got any time for Het Duivelsei or just feel too old to play games with a bunch of nerds in a cellar? Then maybe becoming an alumnus of Het Duivelsei is something for you! For €20 a year you can still come by 6 times each year and you still get the association magazine in your mailbox! Furthermore, you’ll be kept up to date with the goings on of the association with two alumni-updates each year!

If you have any questions about alumniship or want to sign up, please send an e-mail to abactis@duivelsei.