Laatst bewerkt op 05-02-2023

Het Duivelsei has a few fun merchandise items for sale. Do you want your own set of Duivelsei-dice or one of the other things mentioned below? Send an e-mail to the board (bestuur@duivelsei) or talk with one of them on a gamenight and we’ll help you!

Additionally, we will send out a specific merch survey each year, where you can order exactly which merchandise you want.

Below are some of the items we have sold in previous years, but every year we try to find new things!

Duivelsei Playing Cards

Het Duivelsei wouldn’t be Het Duivelsei if we didn’t have our own card game. Fortunately, thanks to the Promootcie, we now have a beautiful card game, but it isn’t just any pack of cards. The card game contains no less than four jokers: a ‘one’, a dog, a dragon and a phoenix. This way you can also play Taipan / Tichu with these playing cards!

Duivelsei Dice


Black, high quality dice with the Duivelsei-logo on the place of the number six (see the picture above). Because you know, Duivelsei is the best!

Duivelsei Pens


A red, black ink pen with a tip that can be used as a stylus for tablets and smartphones (see picture above). In the pen are the words HET DUIVELSEI and our website engraved. You also get a plastic pouch were you can keep your very own Duivelsei pen safe! Show it to all your friends!

Duivelsei Hoodies and Vests

King Winter must finish his game of Starcraft, but in the meantime, we’ll be shivering in our own Duivelsei T-shirts. That’s why we also have our very own Duivelsei hoodies and vests for sale!