Last Edited On 05-02-2023

Inside Het Duivelsei many terms are used, some of which may be unfamiliar to you. Some of these are unique to Het Duivelsei, other are common among student associations. This page lists a few words and abbreviations that you might not be familiar with.

e.t. – Ex Tempore: The board of last year.

o.t. – Olim Tempore: All boards of previous years.

h.t. – Hoc Tempore: The current board.

f.t. – Future Tempore: The future board, which only exists between the election-GMA and the switch-GMA.

KB – Candidate Board (Kandidaatsbestuur), the board which we vote on during the election-GMA.

BIB – Board Interest Drink (Bestuursinteresseborrel). An event in the spring, where people can learn everything about what it is like to be a board member.

CIA – Committee Interest Evening (Commissie Interesse Avond). A evening at the start of the year, where you can talk to people in committees and sign up to join them.

CIB – Committee Interest Gathering (Commissie Interesse Bijeenkomst). An evening about halfway through the year, where you can talk to people in committees and sign up to join them.

ICB – Inter Committee Drink (Inter Commissie Borrel). An evening where committees can talk amongst each other and make plans for joint activities!

Dies – The birthday of Het Duivelsei on 20 april!

Dies-week – The week in which the dies falls. Usually full of special activities organised by the Felicitaatcie, or the Lustrumcie in a Lustrum year.

Lustrum – Every fifth birthday of Het Duivelsei. The last Lustrum was in 2019, when Het Duivelsei turned 25.

VVO – Multilateral Association Meeting (Veelzijdig Vereniging Overleg.) This denotes the group of all student associations in Leiden that aren’t part of the ‘Grote Vijf’ (the big five, also known as MASCQ) and aren’t water sport associations. These together organize the VVO-week each year.

PKvV – The Local Chamber of Associations (The Plaatselijke Kamer van Verenigingen) is the overarching association of all student associations in Leiden. We are of course also a member of this association.

De Grote Vijf/MASCQ (The big five) – These are the 5 largest student associations in Leiden: Minerva, Augustinus, SSR, Catena and Quintus.

Constitution drink – A few weeks after becoming the h.t., the new board organises a small party where the boards of other associations and e.t. are invited. Members usually aren’t invited.

Brassen – The practice of “borrowing without asking” things of another association when at their constitution drink. These are often returned in exchange for a bottle of alcohol or something else that’s relatively cheap.