The Spelduivel

Our student association even has its own magazine! Called “De Spelduivel”, this magazine has been in print ever since Het Duivelsei was first founded in 1994. “De Spelduivel” publishes three editions every year.
The magazine has been available digitally ever since it first started. Starting in 2011, Het Duivelsei has begun to print a select number of copies every edition as well. Most of these copies have been handed out long ago, but below you can find several PDF versions of recent editions of “De Spelduivel”. In case you’re interested in seeing older editions of our magazine, feel free to send our board an e-mail at bestuur@duivelsei.

The editions below are only available in Dutch.

Volume 29

Volume 28

Volume 27

Volume 26

Volume 25

Volume 24

Volume 23

Volume 22

Volume 21

Volume 20

Volume 19

Volume 18

Volume 17

Volume 16

Volume 15

Volume 14

Volume 13

Volume 12