About Het Duivelsei

Last edited on 18-11-2017

Leidse Studenten Spellen Vereniging (Leiden Student Games Association) Het Duivelsei was established on 20 april 1994 by five friends with a passion for board and card games. Since then Het Duivelsei has grown to become an association with approximately 450 members which brings together board game fans from all across Leiden at the back of the Pelibar. Each type of games is represented by us: board games, card games, RPG’s, Magic: The Gathering, console games and even Dance Dance Revolution. We also organise the succesful campus game Humans versus Zombies twice each year. This turns Leiden into a post-apocalyptic zombie paradise for five days.

Our accesion to the PKvV in 2011 made Het Duivelsei a true student association. Since then, we organize bigger events for everyone who enjoys board games together with other cultural associations or social clubs!





It is not permitted to bring your own drinks or food to our activities in our Duivelsnest (with the exception of dinner). At the Pelibar one can order a drink, or a snack such as a grilled cheese or chips. Please don’t forget to tell the bartender that you are a member of Het Duivesei so he/she can registrate this at the cash desk of the Pelibar. We also provide several kinds of candy and chocolate in our room for 50 cent each.