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For general business, the board can be reached via

Individual board members can be reached by their emails below:

    • Praeses: praeses@duivelsei
    • Abactis: abactis@duivelsei
    • Quaestor: quaestor@duivelsei
    • Assessor Intern: intern@duivelsei
    • Assessor Extern: extern@duivelsei
    • Assessor Algemeen: algemeen@duivelsei

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Travel directions

The Pelikaanhof is a 15 minute walk from the Leiden Centraal train station: Exit the train station on the city center side. Follow the Stationsweg to the Steenstraat and follow this street until you arrive at the Beestenmarkt. Turn left and cross the Beestenmarkt and go over the bridge on your right hand. Immediately after the bridge turn right onto the Oude Vest. Continue along the water until you come across a asphalt crossroad, this is the  Pelikaanstraat. The big building on your right is the Pelikaanhof.

You can also take public transport from the station to the Pelikaanhof. Both bus 45 to Den Haag Centraal Station and bus 400 to Zoetermeer, Centrum West can bring you to the Pelikaanhof. In both you should exit the bus at the third stop, Leiden, Pelikaan. This will be directly next to the entrance of the Pelikaanhof.

When you arrive at the Pelikaanhof walk onto the courtyard. On your right hand you should see two ramps going down, take the left one that ends at a door. Go inside and walk down the steps, go through the door on your left and go through the next door straight ahead – if this door is closed either knock or call the board – and enter the Pelibar. Walk through the common room to the hallway with coat racks. The area at the end of the hallway is our association’s area.