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Het Duivelsei has a ton of diverse committees which are responsible for organising a large array of activities within the association, from Asia Parties to Humans versus Zombies. What follows is a list of all committees that are currently active, with a short description for each. For more information, or if you have an idea for a cool new activity not yet covered below, feel free to contact us via bestuur@duivelsei.

Warning! In order to prevent spam, we have not fully displayed the e-mailadresses on this website. Each adress should have an additional .nl at the end.


The Accie is perhaps the most diverse committee of Het Duivelsei. We organize all kinds of activities which are not necessarily boardgame-related, but still really fun! We host, for example, beach days in the summer, holiday themed activities like Sinterklaas and Sint Patricksday, and more seemingly random activities such as Glowgolf and fuse bead workshops. The Accie is always looking for enthousiastic people and crazy ideas, so if you have an awesome activity in mind, let us know!
Want more information? Send an e-mail to accie@duivelsei.


The Almanakcie produces the association’s yearly almanac. The almanac is completely in Dutch so it’s the perfect way to practice the language if you don’t speak it yet! The almanac includes a report of the year including many photos, a members list with questions you’ve always wanted to ask your fellow Duivelseitjes but never dared to, statistics, quotes, and other awesome stuff. It also has a different theme each year.
More information? Send an e-mail to almanakcie@duivelsei.


The AnimeCie is a commission that organizes activities which you could also find at Animecon. Examples are DDR, move nights and karaoke, bub also getting to know traditional activities from Southeast Asia. Bedsides this we also organize the Pokémon event with other commissions. Furthermore, we are always looking for fun, new ideas for activities, so let us know if you have any!
More information? Send an e-mail to asia@duivelsei.


The Apocalypcie is the evil mastermind behind Humans versus Zombies, the biannual game of tag (with Nerf guns for good measure) throughout all of Leiden. The committee takes care of the bandana’s, exciting objectives, and keeps the forum up to date during the event. Keep an eye on the Duivelsei website, forum, and Facebook page to be notified when the next game will be. You can also send an e-mail to our e-mail address to sign up for the next round! (The committee is not liable for any actual zombie bites before, during, and after the event.)
More information? Send an e-mail to hvz@duivelsei.


The consolecie focuses on console gaming. We organize tournaments and game demonstrations. We have a Wii U and a Xbox 360 at our association, so there are many activities possible. Experience hilarious evenings with Nintendo Land, annoy your friends in Mario Kart 8 with blue shields or resolve your quarrels with a round of Smash Bros. Once in a while we also have a cool new game to show to the members.
More information? Send an e-mail to consolecie@duivelsei.


Every year, Leiden University organises the EL CID for to-be first year students. Het Duivelsei is not passing on this chance to recruit new members! Duivelsei’s own EL CIDcie is responsible for an all-week packed program at our clubhouse, making the LEF awesome and spreading the word and whereabouts of Het Duivelsei to every single person participating in the EL CID. The committee cannot do this all by herself, and is assisted by a promotion team of dedicated member. More information? Send an e-mail to elcid@duivelsei.


Het Duivelsei has a lot of talented members besides game fanatics. The Exposietcie gives every member a chance to show their talent at the Open Podium. Do you want to show the members how good you are at singing, dancing, playing an instrument, cabaret, improvising, or something totally different, send an e-mail to exposietcie@duivelsei. It is also possible to just watch the performances. The Open Podium takes place in Februari, so keep an eye on the Duivelsei Calendar for more information.


The Feescie organizes the annual Christmas gala. The committee is -except for one experienced member- fully managed by first years to introduce them to committee work. More information? Send an e-mail to feescie@duivelsei.


The Felicitaatcie is a committee of Het Duivelsei founded to celebrate Het Duivelsei’s birthday on 20 April by organising all sorts of activities during this week. The committee strives to make this an unforgettable week by working together with the Pelibar and the other committees of Het Duivelsei.
More information? Send an e-mail to felicitaatcie@duivelsei.


We’re the photography committee of Het Duivelsei! If you have any photos you want to share, please mail them to You can also ask us to come to an activity at Duivelsei for you! If you want to make photos yourself, ask a board member for the Duivelsei-camera.


The Intoxicaatcie is the committee often hosting several activities such as pubquizzes and other events, open to everyone!


The LANcie is there for all PC gamers. Besides hosting various online game sessions on the Discord server, they also organize LAN-parties! Think about games such as long RTS or 4X games on a LAN, or just a few small MOBA rounds in the evening. Do you want more information, or do you have a suggestion for a specific game that you would like to see on an (online) activity? Approach a committee member or mail lancie@duivelsei.


The Magiccie is the place to be for all Magic related business! Magic the
Gathering is a very popular card game, played by people all around the world, so
of course Het Duivelsei did not stay behind. The Magiccie is responsible for
organizing all kinds of fun events, such as drafts and tournaments, at least once a
month. There also is an ongoing yearly EDH competition, in which you can
accomplish several achievements. The members of the committee are always
ready for a game of EDH or any other format, or just for a nice chat about Magic
(or another topic, if you like). Are you unfamiliar with the game, or do you have
any other questions? Do not hesitate to send us an email or approach us during
one of our activities!
More information? Mail magic@duivelsei.


Games are fun, but they are even more enjoyable with cookies, snacks or cake! Since 2012, the Nomcie takes care of all the delicious food appearing on game nights. The Nomcie also takes workshops, brunches, barbecues and other food related activities for its account. Would you like to help baking without joining the committee? That’s also an option! Send us an e-mail!
More information? Send an e-mail to nomcie@duivelsei.


Imagine you’re organising an awesome event with your committee, but on the day itself only a handful of people show up. Surprised you ask other members why they weren’t there, and the one answer you get is: ‘O, was that this week?’. Of course you want to avoid this. Lucky for you, the Promooticie exists, which means this will never have to happen! We are the committee that designs all the promotion material for the association and her committees. For example, posters for events and all sorts of Duivelsei merchandise. Committees can ring us up when they need anything to be promoted, and we make sure all eggs will be updated in the most stylish way.
For more information, mail promootcie@duivelsei.


You can’t have a proper student association without your own magazine. The Redactie publishes its own magazine, Spelduivel, three times a year, filled to the brim with board game news, interviews, pictures and all sorts of other good stuff. Would you like to write a piece for the Spelduivel? Let us know!
More information? Send an e-mail to redactie@duivelsei.


A RPG is a game in which the Game Master forges a story, in which your character has to figure its way out. During the game you and the other players make choices that influence the situation, depending on GMs instructions. Don’t worry if you have never played a RPG before! We would be happy to explain it to you! This committee organizes RPG sessions on some game nights and game days. We also organize the Ei Con; a weekend full of RPGs at Het Duivelsei.
More information? Send an e-mail to rpg@duivelsei.


The Weekendcie is responsible for organising two gameweekends during the year. The first-year-weekend after the EL CID is to allow our new members to get to know each other and to become familiar with Het Duivelsei, and the second weekend is just a lot of fun! For three days we will go to a remote location to play games, games and more games. Besides the regular games Het Duivelsei has to offer, there is a pub quiz, a night game and a day game during the weekend. More information? Send an e-mail to weekendcie@duivelsei.


The Wolfcie hosts online games of The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow on a monthly basis. These games are real-time, this means there will be a lynch and kill-period every day. The sessions vary in game-type and included rolls. Whether you are interested in delicious civilians or the mysterious occurrences in this little village: Miller’s hollow (Wakkerdam) is the place to be. Come and enjoy the treachery, bloodlust and twisted political schemes! Check the weekly- and monthly e-mails to sign in.
Note: Usually, the games are played in Dutch. However we could have a English round if the demand is high.

Advisory bodies


The Formaatcie is composed halfway through the year and helps with the forming of the next board. They hold solliciations and put together a candidate board to present to the general meeting.
Questions? Send an e-mail to formaatcie@duivelsei, or to bestuur@duivelsei if there is no Formaatcie yet.


The Kasco generraly consists of ex-treasures and oversees the work of the current treasurer of the board. They work behind the scenes and make sure the association is financially healthy.
More information? Send an e-mail to kasco@duivelsei.


The Senate is not a real committee: It is maintained by ex-board members that come to gether once in a while to discuss the progress of our association with the board. You cannot become a member, unless you have been a board member yourself.
More information? Send an e-mail to senaat@duivelsei.