Laatst edited On 12-11-2023

Het Duivelsei has a ton of diverse committees which are responsible for organising a large array of activities within the association, from Asia Parties to Humans versus Zombies. What follows is a list of all committees that are currently active, with a short description for each. For more information, or if you have an idea for a cool new activity not yet covered below, feel free to send a mail to bestuur@duivelsei or one of the e-mail addresses below.

Warning! In order to prevent spam, we have not fully displayed the e-mail addresses on this website. The suffix .nl is required for each of the e-mail address below.


The Accie is perhaps the most diverse committee of Het Duivelsei. We organize all kinds of activities which are not necessarily boardgame-related, but still really fun! For example, we organize visits to the Efteling, holiday activities like Sinterklaas and Halloween, but also more seemingly random activities like glow golf, bouldering and iron beads workshops. The Accie is always looking for enthousiastic people and crazy ideas, so if you have an awesome activity in mind, let us know!


The Almanakcie is a committee that puts out an annual overview of the association in the form of an almanac. We create a chumbook of members, an annual report full of cool pictures, statistics, fun pages and much more! In addition, each yearbook has a theme, such as “Space” or “Sorcery”. The almanac comes out in mid-June and can be pre-ordered in advance! Fun quotes are also always welcome and can be sent to our email address.


The AnimeCie is a commission that organizes activities which you could also find at Animecon. Examples are DDR, move nights and karaoke, bub also getting to know traditional activities from Southeast Asia. Bedsides this we also organize the Pokémon event with other commissions. Furthermore, we are always looking for fun, new ideas for activities, so let us know if you have any!


The Apocalypcie is the evil mastermind behind Humans versus Zombies, the biannual game of tag (with Nerf guns for good measure) throughout all of Leiden. The committee takes care of the bandana’s, exciting objectives, and keeps the forum up to date during the event. Keep an eye on the Duivelsei website, forum, and Facebook page to be notified when the next game will be. You can also send an e-mail to our e-mail address to sign up for the next round! (The committee is not liable for any actual zombie bites before, during, and after the event.)


Smash! Mario Kart! Jackbox! Just Dance! Splatoon! And many more. As the name implies, the Consolecie occupies itself with games on consoles. We organize tournaments, special theme evenings and entire events at Duivelsei dedicated to these games. These can be the most hardcore single player games in (recent) history, or the funniest party-themed ones to have a nice drink to and chill with your fellow players. Imagine, on the couch, exerting loud vocal threats to your (former) companion who now threatens to steal one of your stars in Mario Party. What a mood.